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Types of weaving chains

Understanding the different necklace chain options can help you select the right link style for your outfit or jewelry ensemble. Each chain link style has characteristics that make it great - from awesome flexibility to exceptional sparkle. Choosing the right one is about understanding how you plan to wear it.


Choose Simple, Flexible Chains for Pendants

When it comes to necklace chains to show off a beautiful pendant, you need to stick with a simple design. Otherwise, the chain links become the focal point, and the beauty of the pendant gets lost. Flexibility is also important, since the chain needs to bend where the pendant hangs and provide a good resting spot for it. A heavy pendant also needs a strong chain.

Cable Chain

Clean and Strong
Made of strong, interlocking links, this type of chain is dense in appearance and very simple looking. It doesn't steal the show from your pendant, but it provides a classy background. The links can be various sizes, so you can choose one that's in proportion to your pendant.


Rollo Chain - Ideal for Heavy Pendants

With links that are usually soldered closed, this style of cable chain is super strong. It's ideal for heavy pendants like large lockets or statement pieces. It's not delicate looking, but the simple style keeps it from detracting from your pendant.

Snake Chain - Delicate and Flexible

This solid-appearing chain is super flexible and simple in style; however, it lacks strength. It's fantastic for a very light pendant, such as a delicate filigree design or a simple diamond solitaire. The clean lines allow the pendant to take center stage, but don't try to support anything too large with it.


Birdcage Chain - Incredible Detail 

When viewed close-up, the links on this type of chain are little works of art. Each link looks like a delicate, tiny cage. The overall chain tends to be substantial, making it perfect to wear on its own.

From far away, it can look simple, but if someone gives your outfit a closer look, they will be impressed by the workmanship.

Filigree Chain - Artisan Links 

Filigree is a technique where a jewelry artisan crafts wire into elaborate designs. When an artisan uses filigree to make the links for your chain, each link is incredibly delicate and beautiful. 

The chain can be quite light in appearance, depending on the spacing of the links, or it can be denser and more substantial like a birdcage chain. Either way, it makes a beautiful statement necklace.

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